Cyberport Marco fund

Understanding the basics

Cyberport Macro Fund focuses on investing in digital entrepreneurs. It specializes in transforming human potential into performance through championing innovative ideas.

The firm provides seed to Series A stage funding to digital entrepreneurs to assist them to accelerate and promote the development of the venture capital ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.


Eligible applicants are scalable digital technology companies with operation based in Hong Kong, which also bear one of the following identities:

  • Incubatees or graduates of Cyberport's other programmes
  • Cyberport Smart-Space companies
  • Cyberport office tenants

Key Features

  • The fund invests in early-stage technology startups in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • The fund is managed by the Cyberport Macro Fund Management Team, which has years of experience in the technology industry.
  • The fund provides a range of support services to its portfolio companies, including mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to Cyberport's resources.
  • The fund focuses on startups that are developing innovative technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things.
  • The fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in the growth potential of early-stage technology startups, which can offer significant returns on investment.
  • The fund has a diversified portfolio of companies across different technology sectors, which helps to spread risk and minimize exposure to any one particular sector.
  • The fund has a proven track record of successful investments, with several of its portfolio companies having gone on to achieve significant success in their respective fields.
  • The fund is committed to supporting the growth of the technology industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China, which helps to create jobs and drive economic growth in the region.

Projects Accepted

All encompassing. Almost like a VC funding round.


Applicants shall fill in an online form to indicate their intent to apply for Cyberport Marco Fund.

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